Welcome to the video page!

Below you will find video clips of various training sessions.  If you would like to see additional or new footage, please let us know.

Introduction to Today's Equine

Learn about owner/operator of Today's Equine and her beliefs.

The 7 Principles and laws

Gain a better perspective on how your horse thinks! The 7 principles are briefly talked about, along with examples for better explanation.

Lesson and Training Info Clip

A quick clip about lessons and training by Kyle Taylor-Keller Owner/Operator of Today's Equine

Beginner Showmanship

This is an unedited lesson for beginning showmanship covering how to lead and what the judge will be looking for.

Principle 6 Group Bonding

Watch Kyle and her horses in a group bonding session- play, discover, and groom!

Lunge Line Lesson

Watch two different students and horses during their lunge line lesson.

How To Saddle and Bridle Your Horse

Learn where to place your saddle, how to tie it on, and a good way to reach your horses head to bridle them- and more! Covering English and western saddles, before bridling.

Western Dressage

Western Dressage Association of America Introductory Level Test 2 Score 74.3%

Better Than Treats!

The herd enjoys grooming more than treats! Kyle uses the 7 Principles to reward the horses.

Round Penning

Student Ashlyn works horse, Shay, on accepting the saddle while using round penning and Resistance Free Training techniques.

Kyle Demonstrating for Richard Shrake

Moving with the horse at the Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo

How to Tie a Rope Halter - Properly!

Please make sure you are securing your horses rope halter safely and properly.

How to Lunge Your Horse by Body Position 

Make sure you're using the right body language when you are lunging your horse.