Benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

My 30yo Quarter Horse sustained an injury to his front left leg that created swelling in the whole leg. He already had a knobby knee from the joint closing (since he was 24yo) so that isn't swelling that would go away with a couple treatments - but you can easily see the difference that the manual lymphatic drainage massage made in the rest of the leg! I performed drainage of lymph nodes, arterial ducts, and then the MLD massage of the front end to help the lymphatic system to rid the body of the inflammation and heal more quickly. I did administer CBD oil and salve from the time the injury was found/occurred but it didn't decrease the inflammation, just helped with the pain. I waited until the area was able to be comfortably massaged (about 3 days) and that is when I took the Tuesday before picture and started the massage protocol every other day.

While I used this for an injury, this modality is helpful for horses with scratches/mud fever, lymphedema, chronic swelling, sheath swelling, eye drainage, increased performance, and much more!

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