What is Manual Lymph Drainage?

manual lymph drainage benefits

Manual Lymph Drainage, or MLD, is a type of massage therapy that detoxes the the body by draining the excess fluid out of the lymphatic (immune) system to improve health. The lymphatic system pulls the bad waste, toxin, and disease out of the muscle - acting like a magnet to attract the "bad stuff". The "bad stuff" will collect in the lymph nodes causing pain, restriction of movement, fluid retention/swelling, fevers, and more. MLD is used for treating illness, injury, and increased performance by manually moving it through the lymphatic system - allowing the body to function at optimal levels. Common equine diseases treated by MLD are arthritis and EPM- with any disease, infection, or injury benefiting from treatment. During the manual treatment the lymphatic system is unblocked allowing for increased range of motion, pain reduction, and inflammation to be reduced.

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