Lymphatic System Specialist

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing all toxins and inflammation from the body, recirculating water back into the blood stream, and is directly related to gut and immune health. By helping the lymphatic system we can improve all kinds of ailments since most go back to a source of inflammation or toxin. Toxins can come from fly sprays and vaccines, to our every day feed that has chemicals sprayed on it like fertilizers and weed control. Inflammation happens when the body reacts to a threat or injury and often turns into a chronic problem. By getting the lymphatic system to pump and move normally, the body can do its job better and stay healthier longer.

The human body has about 600 lymph nodes, a dog about 60, and a horse has 8,000 lymph nodes! These lymph nodes act like pump and holding stations for the lymphatic system that is carrying proteins, minerals, and waste debris. The stations can become overwhelmed allowing build up and edema to form. Getting the lymphatic system to then operate normally is the goal.

By using nutritional and manual methods it is possible to get the lymphatic system functioning properly again. The nutritional part works within the body to kill off, detoxify, and replenish the body and blood stream - also reaching lymph nodes we can’t get to. The manual lymphatic drainage physically helps get the lymph nodes cleared, removing the build up that has already been occurring. During the manual lymph drainage process tight muscles release, pain lessens or dissipates, and range of motion returns. The nutritional support helps to get and keep the cycle of lymph moving and therefore restoring the patients health.

In 2008, at the age of 24, I became deathly ill and house/bed ridden for nearly two years. I saw many doctors, under went many treatments, and didn’t really have any answers or treatments that worked until 2017. I had a bio feed back (Zyto) scan done and it revealed several types of borrelia that cause Lyme disease. I soon began a herbal treatment to detox and kill off the bacterial borrelia, along with focusing on the lymphatic system. Without the nutritional and manual parts of treatment, I wouldn’t be recovering. I am actual living proof that this works and I’m so excited to bring it to the world of horses!

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