Using the 7 Principles

The 7 Principals and their laws were inspired by people seeing and feeling an undeniable relationship between human and horse. In an effort to explain how these relationships exist, the seven principals and laws were outlined. The principals and laws are both scientific as well as natural. By understanding how horses live and think, we can better understand how to work with them. It is important to note that with great knowledge, so comes great responsibility.

When you were a child, you probably dreamed of riding a horse on the beach, jumping a clear round, or winning a blue ribbon. But the most important thing was that you and your horse were a great team and shared a great bond together. Some how in our journey with our equine partners, most of us get off track. Instead of searching for and following the feeling we were dreaming of, we chase accolades of accomplishment leaving behind our childish dreams. Well, I’m here to tell you - that your childhood dream is out there and can become reality.

By living by the same laws that horses do, we can achieve the highest levels of communication and understanding. Every time you are in the presence of a horse, we are either abiding by or breaking their laws. It is our job to learn these principals and laws, so that we can be a better human for our horse. Just as gravity exists whether we acknowledge it or not, so do the seven principals and laws. It is possible to abide by or break their laws, whether it is on purpose or not. It is our responsibility to also know, that if we break a law there are consequences in return. We learn at a young age, that if we jump on the bed there is a chance we will fall to the floor and be hurt. Those chances of being hurt and how badly will change with variables like size of the bed, distance to the floor, and number of times you try it. Gravity is there for all of the variables but we learn how to adjust to it. While using the horse laws and adjusting how to use them in different situations, be aware that different consequences will be possible.

As you move through your journey keep in mind that these great creatures will give you everything they can. Horses have carried many roles throughout history, laying down their lives for us. As a horse’s partner we need to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, including the

impact on our horse. Horses learn to trust, respect, and follow us - but it is our job to make sure we do not betray their trust, lose that respect, and lead them astray. You must keep the horse’s welfare in mind, just as you would keep you or your child’s welfare in mind.

The seven principals and their laws should be thought of as a guide to knowing your horse, rather than a way to control your horse. We are not as much training the horse, as we are communicating with them. With all relationships communication is the most important part and the better we understand each other, the more we can get accomplished. As we learn to better communicate with our horses, we can learn how to reach a desired goal with understanding instead of force. In the end the better we understand horses, the better of a partner we can be.

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