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Restoration Services

In addition to the massage therapies, clients also receive help with nutrition, supplements, exercises, stretches, biomechanics, saddle fitting/placement, and riding.  Again, working with the whole horse and situation to improve welfare.  I travel to you or you can travel to me- both for short or extended stays.

-Manual Lymph Drainage- **My specialties** 

This massage therapy reduces inflammation in the body improving the immune system, pain, range of motion - removing illness/diseases, toxins, and more.  Includes manual release/detox of lymph nodes and essential oils. I ask for each horse to have a minimum of 10 days of detox/mag boost before I perform the lymph drainage. Horses eating my detox blend for longer (14-30days) do have better results, along with a week after the drainage session.  The detox runs about $1.15/day.

-Horses suffering from scratches, swelling, stocking up, sore muscles, decreased performance, localized sweating, and more - GREATLY benefit from MLD!!! Lymphedema is manageable! 

$90 for MLD - Manual Lymph Drainage - approx 1 1/2hrs treatment time. **Best for horses needing management of current blockage = swelling, lameness, illness.

MLDM - Manual Lymph Drainage Massage - This is best suited for horses new to bodywork, needing a calming/grounding session, pre/post performance, wanting gentle detoxification, and for illness/injuries that are still painful.

$30 Head sequence approx time 30mins

$50 Front End sequence approx 50mins

$70 Whole body sequence approx 70mins

*More info about MLD can be found under the articles page! 


Please provide the health form(link below) AND pictures of all four sides of your horse (front, back, left, right, hooves, and shoes) before your consultation.  During the health consult we talk about the problems your horse(s) are experiencing and ways to address them.  I give my thoughts on what I'm seeing from the health form and pictures, then I give recommendations of what products and services are needed.  Providing guidance to the what's and when's to help your horse feel it's best!  This can be done in person, on the phone, or video chat (like FaceTime or Facebook).

**This is included with the purchase of massage and training services!

Consultation ONLY - $45

-Health Form- <--Click for form

Please complete or provide the information on this form before the consultation and manual treatment.

For best results:

STEP 1 - Submit Health Form and Pictures

STEP 2- Schedule/Have Consult

STEP 3- Start Recommended Protocol

STEP 4- Schedule/Have Treatment Session

As needed therapies available-

Herbal and Whole Food Supplements-

Get a customized blend of herbs and whole foods to help your horse feel their best! Blends for arthritis, choking (after care), colic (during and after care), allergies, EPM, and many more are available and often cost less than commercial supplements.

-Sports Massage- Each horse takes approx 60mins for a whole body sports massage. Good for horses new to massage and for maintenance of a health animal.

1 horse $65

2-3 horses $55

-Corrective Massage- A minimum of an hour of body work to help injuries new and old, horses with health issues, sprains/strains/tight muscles, and etc. This is a deep tissue massage that takes more strength, time, and skill to do in a specific location (shoulders, hips, neck, back, etc).


-Biomat 7000 - Promotes circulation, healing, pain relief, and etc.  Good for large areas like the neck, back, and hindquarters.

40 mins = $40

60 mins = $60

-Cold Laser- Level 3 Cold Laser (Big) reaches inches deep into muscle and tissue to promote circulation, healing, pain relief, and more.  Colder laser (small) reaches centimeters deep and is used for surface wounds/problems.  Both are best for spot treating smaller areas.

20 mins = $20

-Phototonic Red Light- works on acupressure points, chakras, and surface lymph nodes.


-Essential Oils- Many uses to help with sore muscles, lymph drainage, immune support, wound/scar care, and more.


**Prices include trip fee for clients within 20miles. An additional fee for extended trips will be applied to single horse clients/barns. Extended travel is available-please message for a quote.

**Combined services and trips will receive discounts!

Lessons & Coaching

Lessons are available at my facility or yours in both English and western disciplines - covering many different classes and events.  I learn your goals and include them into the lesson plans.  The lessons can be for general education purposes, to showing/competing, or to learning how to train horses yourself.

Lesson horses are available for children to adults in varying skill levels in both disciplines.  Many of the lesson horses also compete and are available for leasing as well.

Lessons and coaching are available in person at my location, your location, live streaming online, or by video submission.   From farm to show ring, I can assist you in achieving your goal!

Pricing - at her location or yours

Group Lesson $35

Semi-Private $45

Private $55

*Multiple services and riders discount available.

*Pricing for locations within an hour drive.

Virtual Coaching $35 and up

Video Submission $15 and up

Clinics and Demos

Clinics and demos are available at my facility or at the one of your choosing. Clinics and demos can cover a wide variety of topics and number of participants involved. Experience with 4H clubs, private facilities, and fairs/expos allows me to customize the topic and delievery to your specific audience. I invite you to help develop a plan for your event, contact me with your specifics to get a quote!  *Discounts for 4H clubs.


Some of the available topics include: Western Dressage, halter and showmanship, rail and pattern classes, contesting, jumping, Natural Horsemanship, Resistance Free Training, classical riding, competitive trail riding, The 7 Laws of Horses, bits, round penning, and more!

Training Options

Whether you are looking for a full service training/boarding facility to wanting the training to come to you, we’ve got an option for you! Through an evaluation and planning process you and I will decide the best option for you and your horse.  

Options regularly offered include: full service (your horse is boarded and trained by me), boarding (with limited training done by me on your horse and training lessons for you), travel training (you/your horse haul to me or I come to you/your horse), and training instruction on my horses or your own.

Pricing -


Full Service Boarding and Training  $700/mo and up

Training $300/mo and up (add boarding option $)

Training sessions at your facility $55 and up

Working Student Program

Whether you are looking for more education/experience or wishing to join into the Today's Equine family for a career - the working student program is for you!  Being a working student you will learn and experience the behind the scenes info and the daily challenges of an equestrian business.  Students will learn and take part in everything - boarding, training, lessons, showing/competing, and more!  The goal of this program is to add further managers, trainers, instructors, and etc into the work force - that all have a similar goal and work ethic promoted by Today's Equine.


Application for the Working Student Program


List of Duties for Working Students

Available Services


"Training today's horses and riders for a better tomorrow.  This goal is reached through high quality education and common sense training."


Full Service Training,Horse Boarding, and Lessons available in Indianapolis, IN at Taylor Turn Stable.  Go to for info about the facility and lessons operated by Kyle Keller.


If you don't see a service you're interested in, please contact us and let us know how we can help!


Located in Indianapolis, Indiana      *Available for travel