Horse Ima Cinnabar and Horse Trainer in Indiana
Horses used in natural horsemanship





Natural Health Care, Training, and Lifestyle

A holistic approach to dealing with horses!  I incorporate the mental well being, physical demands, nutritional needs, training, lifestyle, and restoration modalities to create my whole horse approach.

I've learned natural horsemanship, classical&western dressage, biomechanics, massage therapies, psychology, herbalism, and nutrition to fully support my horse training, riding, and health care.  I strongly believe that a whole horse approach is the only way to achieve true results for great welfare.

I offer many different services to accommodate all levels of horse owners/riders.  Please explore the website and let me know if you have any questions!

**Health Restoration Services!!! - Specializing in the Lymphatic System = swelling, lymphedema, lymphangitis, chronic health issues, laminitis, eye and nose drainage, and more!  This is a one of kind health restoration service using nutrition and manual lymph drainage!  Consultations and hands on treatment performed for clients on and off site.  This is an exciting approach to health care - now offered in the Untied States! Custom Herbal supplements to assist in healing offered and shipped now too!

-Mrs. Kyle Taylor Keller